How to Avoid Flattening Ambies
Nobody wants to kill a beautiful salamander on purpose, but they are difficult to recognize in the road. However, knowing what to look for, when to look for them (only one night a year) and where (just a few main spots in most towns) makes it much easier to avoid running them over.

What They Look Like
If you don’t know what to look for, you’ll think they are small (half a foot or foot long) pieces of mossy or partially barkless tree branch in the road, often with one end raised up.

When to Look Out for Them
Most of them migrate during the first warm rain (42 degrees fahrenheit or higher) of the year, which in Central Vermont are around the middle to end of April. Higher elevations may see a slightly earlier migration. We hope to post info on probable migration dates in this website, as we obtain information.

Where to Look for Them
Since they will be looking for a vernal pool, they will usually but not always be crossing a road from higher ground to lower ground. Remember that they will not be heading towards a year-round pond, lake or stream.