Quick and Dirty Salamander Crossing Sign

You can easily make a large (11” x 17”) sign which can either be placed on the front or back of your car, by the road, or held to catch the attention of other drivers.

Just print out these two jpegs on letter size paper (your printer may tell you that the size of the image exceeds the paper size, but just ignore that and print them).

Sign Page Left

Sign Page Right

There will be a 1/2” margin on the right side of the “SalSignR.jpg” page. Trim that strip off with a pair of scissors or fold it under, and tape or glue the two pages together.

Tape or glue them onto a piece of cardboard a bit bigger than both pages put together.

Wrap the whole thing well in Saran Wrap™ and tape down the ends of the wrap.

Your sign should last for one rainy night!

If you are ambitious, you can even make two separate signs and tape them together over a broomstick for an easy to carry and highly visible warning sign, or tape the tops together to create a sandwich board.